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Poets & Writers workshop program

Take heart! Little things in life give you courage

Our first Tuolumne Writer’s Retreat was a huge success! On Friday night, a full moon hung low in the trees over the gold rush town of Columbia, CA where we gathered among the gravestones on cemetery hill for a poetry reading. A vacationing writer who lives in Alaska opened a window on life in that wondrous landscape with her poem about a marauding bear. On Saturday Wendy Brown-Barry introduced us to the gut busting humor and touching pathos of cowboy poetry while we ate lunch in the Douglas Saloon dressed in different versions of Victorian garb.

It wasn’t all rhyme and rose water. I walked to my next seminar with Suzanne, who is on hiatus from her life in Tanzania where she works with the courts to bring human rights violators to justice. She has stories to tell. (more…)


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Glacier National Park, Montana

The first Tuolumne Writer’s Retreat is September 28- 30 in historic Columbia State Park, California. I’m giving a presentation on my experience completing my first manuscript.

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Ragne Kabanova|dreamstime.com

Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Medea/Macbeth/Cinderella (adapted by Bill Rauch and Tracy Young) might be a stretch for those who view theatre as entertainment; however, I come to praise the effort, not to bury it. Acknowledging that it is a two-Tylenol experience, it’s worth the headache.

Sorting out three stories played simultaneously on one stage challenges an audience composed of people who are still digesting their dinner. Characters in one play cross plot intersections and join the action in another play. Medea wails in grief for the loss of Jason’s affection and then waltzes off to the ball with Cinderella and her Prince. (more…)

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